Expand Your Business With Commercial Real Estate Financing Options

If you want to grow your company with a new or additional location, you need to have access to commercial real estate financing options. Obtaining a real estate loan for excellent terms allows you to purchase and renovate property to enrich your business. At , we provide you with financial solutions that help you obtain any type of property.

Programs We Offer

Our repertoire of real estate financing options includes a variety of programs to ensure we can help you with all types of transactions. From foreign transactions to new builds, we can finance your property with the following programs.

  • HUD and FHA Lending: These loans are non-recourse and fully amortized with amounts of up to $50,000,000 for housing facilities, new construction and hospitals.
  • Equity and Mezzanine Financing: We are able to tailor loan solutions to meet your individual needs because we represent many investors with a high net worth.
  • Construction Financing: New builds qualify for permanent financing of up to $100,000,000 if the principle borrower has equity experience.
  • International Financing:  We finance international transactions up to $1,000,000,000 in the Eurasian and European markets.
  • Conventional Programs: Owner-occupied and investment properties qualify for loans of $100,000,000 with competitive terms.
  • CMBS Loans: Our Commercial Mortgage Backed Security loans are fixed by issuing private bonds to investors.
  • SBA 7a and 504 Loans: Hotels stand to receive loans with competitive terms including full amortization and interest rates starting at 4.5%.
  • Bridge Loans: With amounts up to $100,000,000, these loans provide working capital for your business with competitive terms.

Advantages of Our Real Estate Loans

When you obtain a commercial real estate loan with Xtreme Capital Solutions, you can use it to purchase both foreign and domestic property. We both recourse an non-recourse options available, we can issue you a loan with generous terms that will meet your unique needs.

Contact Us

If you are interested in growing your business with commercial real estate financing, contact Xtreme Capital Solutions today to get started. We are happy to discuss your financial options and help you select the one that will be most beneficial.