The Benefits of Equipment Financing

Having the right equipment is essential if you want your business to be successful. Regardless of which industry your company is in, it requires some type of equipment, which you may need a loan to afford. provides you with equipment financing and leasing options so your company can thrive.

Leasing Benefits

Some companies find it more beneficial to lease equipment instead of purchasing it. When your business does not own the equipment it uses but instead leases it, you are able to preserve existing credit lines and use your cash in other ways to enrich your company. Our loans come with fixed, low monthly payments and give you excellent tax advantages.

Available Programs

We offer four different programs to meet the different needs of various companies. Depending on which category your business falls under, it can qualify for any of the following programs.

  • B, C and D Programs: Companies that are struggling with poor credit histories can receive funding with this program.
  • Sale & Lease Back Programs: Businesses have the option to use their equipment as working capital by allowing us to purchase it and then lease it back to them for a fixed, low, monthly fee.
  • Government and Municipal Leasing Programs: Government entities such as libraries, police stations and fire houses can purchase the equipment they need.
  • Startup Programs: New businesses with a limited credit history qualify for this program.

Equipment Types

Xtreme Capital Solutions finances all types of equipment. Whether your business uses software and computers, medical equipment or heavy machinery, it can get the funding it needs to obtain the components from us.

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Being able to afford necessary equipment is vital if you want your company to succeed. Contact Xtreme Capital Solutions today to discuss equipment leasing and financing options so you can determine with one will be most beneficial for your company. We will get you the money you need quickly so your business can grow.