Is a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Right for Your Business?

A stated income commercial real estate loan is a smart alternative to traditional financing. If your business has a poor or limited credit history and does not qualify for traditional loans, a stated income loan could be the best option for you. At Xtreme Capital Solutions, we specialize in offering this type of financing for businesses of all sizes.

How Stated Income Loans Are Different

One of the differences between stated income and traditional loans is the amount of paperwork the require. While traditional loans typically require a significant amount of paperwork, stated income loans require much less documentation. Traditional loans also focus primarily on the credit history of the borrower to determine loan eligibility. In contrast, eligibility for stated income loans is determined by assessing the value of the property in question. If the value of the property is greater than the cost of its taxes, insurance and mortgage, it qualifies for this type of financing. Because of the broad qualification, any type of property is eligible for this type of loan.

What the Benefits of Stated Income Loans Are

Stated income loans are flexible financing options that allow you to use the money you receive in any way that enriches your business. If you have a credit score of at least 600 and have a piece of property that meets the criteria for this type of financing, you will gain access to the following benefits.

  • 65% LTV for warehouse, retail, storage and office properties
  • 70% LTV for investment properties
  • 75% LTV for multifamily properties
  • W-2 and self-employment documentation
  • Fixed rates
  • 25-year terms
  • Full amortization

Get Started Today

If your company does not qualify for a traditional loan, a stated income commercial real estate loan is an excellent alternative. Contact Xtreme Capital Solutions today to discuss your financing options and let us provide you with the funding your business needs to flourish.